by Louise Webb Martin

Your Landscape Committee Has Grown

Working diligently for years, our Landscaping Committee works with a professional landscaping company to take care of the beauty that surrounds and enhances our community. From the front entrance monument sign, through the gates, around the pond and tennis courts, along the marina wall to the pool and clubhouse, and around each of the condo buildings, our Landscaping Committee oversees the design, care and responsibility of numerous shrubs, flowering and non-flowering plants, palm trees and grasses.

With the growth of our community, and in the spirit of inclusion, the landscaping committee has grown to be able to have a representative from each of the four Laguna Condominium buildings. Forrest Blanchard (615) is leading the committee and is assisted in this huge undertaking by Carmen (615),  Jana (606), Laura (610), and Louise (611). Each looks forward to helping maintain and beautify our home community for years to come.