Pool Repairs
Pool repairs are scheduled for the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

Garage and Building Lighting
After that lights will be upgraded starting in bldg. 610, then 606, then 615, and finish up with 611.

Painting of the buildings is tentatively scheduled for early to mid May starting in order, 606, 610, 615, 611 respectively. We are trying to schedule palm tree pruning prior to painting to get palm fronds away from buildings so that painters can have room to maneuver.

Recycling has been discontinued due to ongoing disregard for the recycling rules. Not only bags, but general trash has been continually placed in the recycling bins. The recycling company informed the HOA that they haven’t recycled our recycling in a very long time as there was too much general trash in the bins.

Laguna Docks
The Laguna Docks will be closed for the next two weeks as they are being resurfaced.