Attention all Riviera Dunes residents!

EPOCH Apartments are back

As you know, we have been fighting the proposed apartment build in front of Riviera Dunes since last Spring. Thanks to a large Riviera Dunes residences showing up at the city commission meeting to show our disapproval for this project, great folks volunteering to be on the various committees to monitor the developments and gather data to present to the city, and great legal representation taking several issues to the city as to why this cannot legally happen, we have been successful in stopping the process.

Now, the developers are back attempting to convince the city to change ordinances and the city’s new comprehensive plan that would currently stop this build. Included below is the cities response to us about a commission meeting over at city hall to hear this request. The problem is, FEMA has changed their flood maps and the property in front of RD is now in a high hazard zone. That now changes how many units can be built on the lots down to 10 per acre. The developer needs at least 60 per acre to be profitable.

Obviously, the builder believes they can get the city to change these ordinances in order to put up their 240 or so units.
We strongly disagree! This would create numerous problems such as safety for evacuations, fire and ambulance response times due to much higher traffic these apartment would bring, safety issues for our properties, not to mention, RD original plan states that land is for mixed use, not multi family. That’s what many here bought into, not multi family rentals.

Our attorney will be present for this meeting and we believe we need to remind the commissioners who will ultimately vote to allow or deny the buildings, the homeowners of ALL of Riviera Dunes are in opposition to this plan.

We are asking our community to come out once again to show we are still United in fighting this. It does make a difference!
The day and time are listed in the response from the city.

Per The city of Palmetto:

The first reading for Ordinances involving Riviera Dunes will be held on Monday, April 18th at 7:00 pm. After that time, a date will be determined for a public hearing. The agenda for Monday’s meeting is posted to our website

Cassi Bailey
Assistant City Clerk
City of Palmetto
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